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Town Hall of Seville

Town Hall

The facade of the Plaza de San Francisco presents us with doors and windows decorated with medallions of mythological and historical. The pillars are decorated with floral bouquets and grotesque.

On this side of the building is the (Arquillo (who announced the Plaza de San Francisco with the Plaza Nueva. The two sides of Arquilla, a medium altitude, are two niches with statues, one of Hercules, (Phoenician sailor and then considered mythological god) who is credited with founding the city of Seville and the other is the statue of Julius Caesar, who restored and amuralló the city. Both are listed in this place of honor to be considered as the Fathers of the Fatherland Hispalense. The facade of City Hall that gives the Plaza Nueva is modern and of little architectural interest.

Inside the building is remarkable the Chapter House, whose roof is made up of a vault with 35 coffered almost flat stone bearing in relief portraits of the kings of Spain prior to Philip II. It is also notable that the ladder from the halt rises to the top floor of mixed Gothic and Renaissance style.

The building is rich in old paintings of great masters, as well as sculpture, stained glass and other art treasures.

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