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Interior de la Cathedral of Seville


he cathedral is an unusual building, which has five precincts, which were distributed with perfect Muslim orientation, looking towards East. Its most controversial aspect is that it doesn’t have a header in the usual Gothic sense, in the form of an apse without ambulatory, as its hall floor is a perfect rectangle that corresponds exactly with that of the Alhama, from which itinherited, too, the unusual arrangement of the doors.

In terms of the walls, they have little thickness. However, the chapels are separated by stirrups which are perpendicular to the axis of the central temple, finishing in 28 stuck on pillars, with 32 exempted others, holding 68 ogival vaults. Natural light is scarce, because the windows are small and bear beautiful stained glasses.

The impressive central part hosts two charismatic buildings: the choir, flanked by large pipe organs, and the Capilla Mayor with its four floors, in which the mayor altarpiece stands. Among them there are three annexed areas: the of San Fernando Rey, el Crucero (whose vaults are the highest of the entire group) and the Trascoro. Each of these three zones correspond to the three hierarchies of the medieval city: the regia cathedral or Panteón de los Reyes; the ecclesiastic cathedral, reserved for the Archbishop and the Cabildo; and the popular cathedral, situated towards West.

The Capilla Real is the head of the cathedral. This is a unique construction, as it is a sort of Renaissance apse located where one would expect a large ogival ambulatory, typical of the Gothic style. The chapel is located in the pantheon of San Fernando Rey and his son, Alfonso, along with the graves of some other members of the royal family of that period. Also we find in it the Gothic image of Santa María de los Reyes, patron saint of the archdiocese of Seville.

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