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Tower of Gold

Tower of GoldBuilt in the first third of the XIIIth century, towards the end of the Taifas Kingdoms. Its name in Arab was Borg-al-Azajal, which came to express, that the golden tiling that flashed in the sun was like gold, and reflected in the river, could harm your eyes.

In 1220 Abu I Ula, the almohade governor, ordered to build it to defend the city. He also closed the entrance to the port with a heavy chain that crossed the river from this tower to another one that doesn’t exist anymore, in the border of Triana. This chain was broken by Ramon Bonifaz’s sailors in 1248 with the Reconquest’s fleet. 

Regular visit to the Tower of Gold - Join the group

Regular visit to the Tower of Gold - Join the group

  • Join a group

    of no more than 30 people.
  • Departures:

    Daily beginning around 9:15 a.m.
  • Timming:

    3 ,5 hours approx.
  • Price:

    53 € (VAT included)

Private visit to the Tower of Gold - Private Guide

Visit the Tower of Gold with private guide

  • Hire a guide

    just for you or your group.
  • Timming:

    from 3 to 4 hours.
  • Departures:

    any day.
  • Price:

    From 212€ (VAT included)

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