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Sevilla Climate

Sevilles climate is Mediterranean with oceanic influences. The annual average temperature is 18.6 °C, what makes this city one of warmest of Spain and Europe, only surpassed by Almeria. Winters are very smooth; January is the coldest month, with 15.9 °C and 5.2 °C and the summers are very warm; July has the higher average temperatures, 35.3 °C and 19.4 °C and every year 40°C are surpassed in several occasions. The registered extreme temperatures in the weather station of the Airport of Seville are of -5,5 °C, the 12th of February of 1956, and of 46.6°C, the 23rd of July in 1995 . There is a nonaccredited record by the National Institute of Meteorology that is 47.2 °C the 1st of August during the 2003 heat wave, according to Weather station 83910 (LEZL) located in the South part of the Airport of Seville, near the abandonned military zone. There are news of a temperature of 50 ºC the 4th of August of 1881 but this data is not very credible since the weather stations that were used in those times did not have the same precision that the ones used nowadays. The precipitations oscillate from 500 to 600 mm per year, concentrated in the months of October to April; December is the rainiest month, with 95 mm. There is an average of 52 days of rain in a year, 2,898 hours of sun and several days of frosts - that hardly extend to more than 3 or 4 followed days, in those days the minimum temperature is lower than 0ºC and the maximum ones aren't higher of 8 or 10ºC.

the people of the province Values in normal weather observatory Airport Sevilla,
1971-2000 Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic Año
Max. Temperature (°C) 15,9 17,9 21,2 22,7 26,4 31,0 35,3 35,0 31,6 25,6 20,1 16,6 24,9
Min. Temperature (°C) 5,2 6,7 8,2 10,1 13,1 16,7 19,4 19,5 17,5 13,5 9,3 6,9 12,2
Rainfalls (mm) 65 54 38 57 34 13 2 6 23 62 84 95 534

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